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Our people are our greatest assets, so we look after them, support them, grow and develop them to achieve real results for our clients.

We believe that great work stems from a great culture, so we recruit, retain and support high performing people by providing a fun, family friendly, flexible work environment in quality office space. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Here are some of the perks:

"At WVB I have been provided with great career opportunities to develop my skills and expertise. I thoroughly enjoy working with our diverse client base and helping them achieve their business and financial goals."

What's it like to work with WVB?

You’ll join a client support team, where you’ll find colleagues that complement your own skills and experience. You will work on client and internal projects to support productive outcomes that deliver real results. As we put our people first, you will be well supported with efficient systems, tools and professional development to deliver for our clients.

Our Directors will guide and mentor you. Together, you will create a dedicated development program that we’ll invest in to assist you to develop and grow, working towards your professional and personal goals. 

Every second month, we have a ‘cultural cook up’ where team members make their favourite meal to share – so bring your apron!

“The design of our office has been so helpful. We have a fabulous kitchen, open office and private areas too. The space allow us to work independently and together as a team.”

Behind the scenes at WVB

“Every Monday, I take the kids to school and get into work in time to join the team for a stand up coffee around the kitchen bench. It’s a chance to catch up after the weekend. Then we have some time to review and prepare for our weekly workflow meeting to run through client projects and deadlines. I often catch up for a ‘walk and talk’ mid-morning whilst I do a lap around the block and discuss relevant issues on the phone with a client. Sometimes a team member will join me as it keeps our minds fresh and conversation casual, but it also allows for creativity. Some of the best ideas have come from these sessions!

Back to the office to share my learnings and set any actions into play. With a later start on Mondays, I tend to work a bit later too. A Directors’ Meeting is held late afternoon. We workshop client challenges, review results and address any issues. We’ve got business and tax advisory, accounting and consulting in-house, but any scope outside of our realm, like a legal issue, means a call to a business partner. We’ve got close relationships with a range of advisors to ensure that clients can access the best possible advice, whatever their situation.”

Great work stems from great culture

Here’s what we believe in…


We have your back and do what we say. We will be trusted by our clients to provide the best advice, and by our colleagues to provide a safe and supported environment.


Sincere and honest interaction. We respect diversity, openness, and encourage genuine relationships.


Exceeding expectations, providing a high standard of advice. Because we genuinely care about our clients, the quality of our work, the wellbeing and success of our people.


We enjoy working together and with our clients. We create a positive and productive family friendly work environment. We embrace and understand life’s challenges.


Being strong and taking ownership of client needs and the work that we do. Adhere to our values and have the courage to challenge those that don’t.

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